The Harley'n'Dutch Band consists of six highly competent and experienced musicians, each with many years of experience playing in a variety of bands. Here is a short profile of each of our fine musicians.



Lead Singer

Nikki is our lead vocalist and newest member of our band. She also performs backing vocals on some tracks when the boys sing. Although slightly less experienced in performing in bands that other members she has quickly fitted in and enjoying every minute of it.

Nikki has been singing from the age of 7 in school choirs, harmonising alongside chamber choirs and obtained grade 8 level in singing, being taught through having singing lessons in her teenage years. This is the biggest thing Nikki has done to date and she is excited to be going from singing in her bedroom to preforming to an audience properly.

Nikki is heavily influenced by artists like Pink, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, ABBA and enjoys lots of different genres of music across the years. 

In the words of Gloria Gaynor herself "First I was afraid I was petrified" to James Brown's "I feel Good" Nikki is ready to take on her new adventure with us in The Harley'n'Dutch Band!



Lead Guitar - Vocals - Harmonies

Kev is one of our guitar players, also singing some lead vocals and adding to the close harmonies that the group produce.

Another musician with a wealth of experience having been on the circuit since he was 13… 48 years!! We’ll let you do the math!!!

Oakland West, TNT, Midnight Express, Banned In Blue and Coversdotcom are previous bands he’s worked in alongside his brother Bren, but he has also worked in Ireland with Black Pepper, and their alter ego The Mice Bullies with whom he recorded and produced an album of the same name.

He’s also our resident geek and keeps the band up to speed with the latest technology to improve what we do.

Kevin loves guitars generally but because of their versatility plays Line 6 Variax guitars and amplifiers for live work.

Kev also sets up the digital P.A. system for live gigs when there is no sound engineer available.



2nd Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Chrissie is our newest member and second guitarist, she plays rhythm and enjoys a bit of lead. She recently joined us coming out of covid. Chrissie is the least experienced of our members but is keen to learn and expand on her skills. This is the first band she has been in but we have word she enjoys every minute of it. Chrissie has been playing guitar for a few years now and taught herself the basics. With hints and tips from Kev to guide her she is honing her skills in the right direction and quickly becoming a great asset to the band. When it comes to musical preferences Chrissie is a fan of such a wide range of styles and genres and unable to choose a particular musician influence as there are so many that bring something a bit different to the table.



Bass Guitar

Phil is our Bass player and along with Bren - (drums) - forms the engine room of the Band.

He started playing bass guitar back in the 1970's gaining experience playing with various bands along the way.

In 2002 he formed a band which has subsequently gone through many changes and has resulted in the line up as it is today.

Phil keeps the band amused with his witty humour but at the end of the day he is a solid bass player which reflects in the musical presentation that the band now produce.




Stu joined The Harley’n’Dutch Band in late 2019. His musical versatility adds great range to the band helping to create faithful renditions of the songs in our repertoire.

Stu learned piano from a young age passing all his classical music grades by the age of 17. He has played in various bands over the years with a range of styles including rock, pop, funk and folk. In the past Stu was given the nick name ‘musical parrot’ due to his ability to play most songs from memory.

Stu’s stage rig currently consists of a Korg Kronos 2, 73 key workstation and a Roland V-Synth which he uses in tandem to maximum effect to produce rich and accurate layered sounds for almost any musical style or genre.

Musical influences and heroes are: Jeff Lynne - ELO, Rick Wakeman - Yes, Roger Hodgson - Supertramp, Beethoven.



Drums - Vocals - Harmonies

Our noise maker in chief is Brendan, or Bren’ to his friends. He’s been drumming since he was 9 and made his first record when he was 10, and his most recent recording was in Sun Studios, alongside brother Kev.

He’s also our resident smarty pants as he also sings lead and backing vocals, plays keyboard, guitar and bass as well!

With a wealth of experience gathered whilst playing with, amongst others, Oakland West, T-N-T, Midnight Express, Banned In Blue and Coversdotcom, he’s like a living breathing metronome!! Whilst he prefers his 70s Premier Custom kit, in order to be able to turn the volume down as well as up, he now uses Yamaha electronic drums

The Harley'n'Dutch Band

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